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The Difference Between Custom Developed & Private Label Lash Serum formulas

You may have noticed that the majority of eyelash and eyebrow serums on the market have identical lists of ingredients on the packaging. The reason for this is that the bulk of these companies use so-called “private” or “white label” services from third party cosmetic manufacturers. That means they use the identical formula under different branding. You may notice that the eyelash serum from brand “X” has the identical ingredients as eyelash serum from brands “Y” and “Z”. Yet, the marketing claims are different. There are some significant downfalls for you as a customer purchasing these products:

1. No active ingredients

The listed ingredients often don’t have any scientific support or clinical data to support their claims.

2. Health Risks

Regulatory differences. Depending on where your adoreyes lash serum is manufactured, the country of manufacture could have very different ingredient regulations to that of your own country. Sometimes the product is manufactured in countries with very different sanitary conditions. Australia and Canada have the same formulatory and sanitary regulations when it comes to eyenvy lash serums. ADOREYES for example is made in a Health Canada Certified, quality controlled laboratory to ensure no compromise is made.

4. Mislabelled or Hazardous Ingredients

Although against the law, some ingredients maybe excluded from being listed on the packaging because the product is imported within the tubes and then repackaged. This appears to have created a loophole that has been explored by companies that have cashed in. There is much literature available on this topic in the media.

6. Source and pricing

There are many lash serums available on E-Bay and Alibaba. This has been the primary source of cookie cutter label brand products for years. Companies can place a bulk order for their lash or brow serum and order tube rebranding to print their logo. The identical lash or brow serum with the identical ingredients will be sold on AliExpress or E-Bay for a fraction of the rebranded product retail price, even as low as $5-$10. If you’re unsure if the eyelash growth serum formula could be a copycat you could simply copy the list of ingredients to the search bar in your browser and check the results for the repetitive list of ingredients under multiple brands. You could be surprised that the identical lash serum listed at $99 is also sold under a different brand for $29!

What to do: Ask if the Lash serum you are purchasing is compliant to cosmetic regulations in your country and ensure the full ingredient list is disclosed. Cosmetics with drug-like claims such as “lash growth serum” are also not permitted under the Therapeutics Goods Administration in Australia.

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