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Are you considering jumping on the Lash Bandwagon?

Are you considering jumping on the Lash bandwagon?

It might be good timing..

It’s 2022 and they are everywhere. Lashes that is.

They’re long, they’re dense, fluttery and..they are here to stay.

According to market research data, this growing fashion trend is not slowing down any time soon. At a whopping global market size of 1.5 billion USD in 2021 alone*, the Lash Enhancement sector is expected to have its fastest growth rate between now and 2023.

With social media the driving force in the time of COVID, the Lash trend has become popular for consumers of all ages. And not just for special occasions, but for the everyday.

In 2020 and 2021, lash enhancement lovers, missing out on their lash enhancement treatment in beauty salons and lash “bars”, benefited from at-home Lash and Brow Growth Serums. These conditioning serums have since dominated the market for consumers enjoying a more natural look and for those wishing to repair and prevent damaged lashes from Lash extensions.

So, if you thought the lash game wasn’t really your bag, now may just be the time to jump on the Lash Enhancing bandwagon by simply adding a Lash serum to your aesthetic line up.

Lash Conditioning Serums (aka Lash Growth Serums depending on which country you’re legislated by) are a simple solution to achieving softer, longer, stronger, denser lashes – and brows of your own, in a matter of weeks.

Here’s 5 things to look out for when choosing one:

  • Clinically validated formula (not just the individual ingredients)
  • Safe to use twice a day – and on lower lashes too. Safe to use in conjunction with Lash Extensions
  • Custom made (did you know the vast majority are “white labelled”, ie just repackaged formulas. Copy and paste the ingredients list in your search bar and you might be surprised that the same formula is sold for price variants of between $20-$150)
  • Contains 3 specific Peptides to work on all three stages of lash growth (helping to stop hair fallout as well as encouraging growth)
  • Prostaglandin free** – a good indicator of potential prostaglandin hormone ingredient is if the product description details irritative side effects: “may cause eyelid staining” or has an ingredient with the letters “prost” within it.


**Prostaglandin serums are only available via doctors’ prescription in Australia and Canada where cosmetic regulations are stringent, but are freely available in other countries like the US. Prostaglandins can cause side effects like irritation, dry eye, stye’s and darkening of the iris/ eye lid. There are incidences of “spiked” Lash Serums being recalled. You can google recalls on products for up-to-date information.

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