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Skin Minimalism

The Natural Beauty Exposed

The beginning of the pandemic and closure of aesthetic salons changed our perception of beauty and self-care. In the pre-COVID era, makeup products dominated our cosmetic shelves, but once we entered lockdowns we started applying masks, and becoming more active in our search for skin health.

With fewer social interactions and working remotely, we started paying more attention to skincare. It’s been a time to reduce the makeup load and get busy with skincare regimes. Some of us even bought cosmetic fridges and began filling them with cleansers, exfoliants, creams and serums. We started piling up retinol, vitamin C, AHA’s and other active cosmetics.

For a consumer with fairly broad knowledge about cosmetics and ingredients, this was a time to shine. Unfortunately, for some, the skincare routine became too complex, and in some cases, did more harm than good (example: mixing retinol with AHAs causing irritation). But is it necessary to use dozens of products to achieve perfect skin? The modern aesthetic says no.

According to Pinterest’s Pinterest Predicts 2021 report, Skinimalism, statement brows, and Indie makeup are what tomorrow brings. The bare minimum beauty trend continues with a brand new name and definition of skin minimalism, aka skinimalism.


Skinimalism can be defined by:

– Simplicity with three routine skincare elements: cleansing, treating and protecting
– Quality of cosmetics over quantity
– Avoiding complex skincare routines with the minimum number of products possible for the utmost benefit to your skin. Multitaskers welcome!
– A glowing, dewy complexion promoting the natural look of skin

Complicated regimens, especially ones that that have active ingredient double ups, can damage the skin and disrupt its pH balance. Keep your skincare simple, or if your skin requires more complex treatment, consult your concerns with a dermatologist or skin clinician.

What are the benefits of SKINIMALISM to your skin?

Switching to a skinimalist routine may be beneficial to your skin. The goal is to achieve glowy, dewy and healthy skin without complex, confusing skincare regimes which can compromise your skin. Here’s some advantages:


Skinimalism aims for a fresh, natural look with minimum effort and maximum results. If you target select skin problems, follow three routine products for cleansing, treating, and protecting. The same rule can be applied for other aspects of your self care. For instance, use shampoo to cleanse your hair, and conditioner to treat and protect. If your goal is to have longer and thicker natural eyelashes, ADOREYES Plus Lashes serum will enhance the look of lashes and protect them from damage.


Adding up multiple acids, serums, or moisturisers can be expensive and time consuming. Instead, lean towards products that combine all key ingredients in one formula. From a formula perspective, this isn’t easy to do but some physician dispensed brands specialise in doing so, their formulaic prowess coming through years of Research and Development. Using hybrid products like moisturiser with sunscreen/ sunscreen with tint will declutter your shelves, reduce skincare spend, and reduce packaging waste too.

Natural Concept Beauty

We’re tiring of unrealistic beauty standards perpetuated by filters, photo-editing apps, and airbrushed beauty brand campaigns. We all have pores, spots, or scars, which makes us, and it’s a part of us. Accepting yourself and your natural beauty is what skinminimalism promotes.


The Skinimalism puts an end to the caked-on makeup look but doesn’t exclude natural looking makeup. As mentioned in Pinterest Predicts 2021, “natural everyday makeup” is one among the foremost searched terms; with the concept of a full face of makeup is lessening in popularity.

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